Big time help

Massive volunteer effort strengthens bond between town and college

Alexandria Mott Collegio Reporter

Saturday, April 9, marked the Big Event’s ninth year at Pittsburg State University. In 1842, Texas A&M University created the Big Event as an attempt to show the university’s gratitude to the community.

The Big Event was created to be a one-day service project that shows appreciation toward the residents of the university’s community by raking leaves, cleaning gutters, washing windows, and other volunteer work

The Student Government Association of Pittsburg State organizes a local Big Event every year. Tom Roudebush, sophomore in plastics engineering, says the Big Event is important for the image of the university.

“By being able to put in community service hours and make a difference at the same time, you really feel good about yourself,” Roudebush said. “It really makes Pitt State look not just like a party school, but like a good university and good college town to be a part of.”

Many of Pitt State’s campus organizations were involved in the community service project, helping create a better image for the university while benefiting Pittsburg.

“I know Greeks have kind of a bad reputation in the community,” Roudebush said. “It feels good to be able to give back and donate our time and spend a whole day helping out other people.”

Maggie Carson, freshman English major, helped at the Big Event on behalf of Alpha Gamma Delta.

“Our sorority strives to contribute to the world’s work in our community, and the Big Event is an excellent way of doing so,” Carson said. “It was just one more way to get closer to my sisters and help out the community.”

Katie Maybell, undeclared freshman, really appreciated the effort that she was putting into the community.

“I felt really great about donating my time to the Pittsburg community and helping people finish tasks that they are normally unable to do,” Maybell said. “The best part about participating was knowing that the community was actually getting something out of the effort that I was putting into helping them.”

Participants were generally glad that they participated and felt confident that they would partake in the Big Event again in the future.

“I will participate again because it really made me feel good inside to help out other people,” Roudebush said. “I think it is really cool to be able to see all of the organizations getting involved and helping out. I definitely plan on doing it for as long as I’m here at Pitt State.”

In addition to dispersing throughout the Pittsburg community, performing helpful tasks, participants were involved in a competition between their organizations.

Each Organization was divided into small groups that were given the various tasks to perform throughout the community. Each member of the groups was then given two energy efficient light bulbs to hand out to houses throughout Pittsburg. The organization that passed out the highest number of bulbs won.

This not only created a friendly competition between the participating organizations, but added to the Big Event by helping Pittsburg take steps towards becoming more energy efficient.

“I would definitely encourage other students to participate next year,” Maybell said. “It only takes up a small portion of your day and it makes you feel really accomplished for donating your time and effort.”


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